Revision 0.2.3, released XX-09-2017

  • Fixed crash during TRAPv1 handling at the server part
  • Sphinx docs layout updated

Revision 0.2.2, released 04-07-2017

  • GETBULK PDU support added to the oidfilter plugin
  • Two-digit subsecond precision implemented across all logs
  • Unique, system-wide request identifier implemented under the name of callflow-id
  • System logging reworked for uniformity and usability
  • Fix to catch errors coming from SNMP engine when sending malformed message SNMP
  • Fix to snmp-peer-timeout option documentation and examples
  • Fix to the server to handle the case of missing response PDU coming from client

Revision 0.2.1, released 28-05-2017

  • Built-in logging at different verbosity levels implemented (via new –log-level option)
  • Log SNMP authentication failures
  • Optionally log denied OIDs at the oidfilter plugin
  • Added timestamping to file log
  • The plugin-options setting fixed to support a list of options, as its name suggests
  • Fixed malformed timestamp logging at the logger plugin

Revision 0.2.0, released 16-05-2017

  • Server message classifiers made available at the client side for message routing purposes
  • Trunk keep-alive service implemented
  • Client-side plugins support implemented
  • Examples and docs on transparent proxy mode and running at secondary interfaces added
  • Performance of the “oidfilter” plugin improved on large access lists by introducing dichotomy search and operating on built-in “tuple” type
  • Enforced “oidfilter” configuration consistency by adding a bunch of load-time checks

Revision 0.1.0, released 07-05-2017

  • SNMP TRAP PDU forwarding implemented
  • SNMP PDU OIDs filtering plugin implemented
  • The “rewrite” plugin reworked to match OIDs and regexp values
  • The “logger” plugin refactored to understand more macros; macro names used for logging and system configuration options unified
  • Single SNMP request scope context is now served to the plugins (plugin API version bumped)
  • The ${config-dir} macro support added to some configuration options
  • Sphinx documentation added

Revision 0.0.3, released 23-04-2017

  • Sphinx docs added
  • PEP8, code style and hardening
  • Unspecified trunk-crypto-key now indicates disabled trunk encryption.
  • Fix to error-indication usage to comply with newer pysnmp
  • Fix to __doc__ use in to make -O0 installation mode working.
  • Fix to PID file creation when running Python 3.
  • Copyright notes added to source files
  • Author’s e-mail changed, copyright extended to year 2017

Revision 0.0.2, released 28-09-2015

  • Minor fixes towards Python 2.4 compatibility.

Revision 0.0.2rc1, released 14-02-2015

  • Loadable extention plugin modules infrastructure first introduced.
  • Experimental SNMP PDU var-binds logging added.
  • Wheel distribution format now supported.

Revision 0.0.2rc0, released 21-01-2015

  • Multiple fixes supporting Python 2.4-3.4 compatibility.
  • Configuration options renamed for better clarity.
  • Both source and destination network addresses of SNMP entities can now be used for message routing and address spoofing.
  • Transparent proxy operation and secondary network interface support implemented
  • Client-side SNMP timeout/retries now configurable
  • Switched to the latest pysnmp API
  • snmpEngineId and contextEngineId are always treated as hex in config
  • contextEngineId and contextName now configured separately from SNMP authentication credentials
  • Dead trunk detection implemented
  • Switched to Python logging module
  • SNMP request PDU type and request OIDs can now be used for request routing
  • Fix to SNMPv3 operation on the Client part.

Revision 0.0.1, released 01-04-2014

  • Initial public release.