HTTP reader

HttpReader class instance tries to download MIB files using configured URL.

class pysmi.reader.httpclient.HttpReader(host, port, locationTemplate, timeout=5, ssl=False)

Fetch ASN.1 MIB text by name from a web site.

HttpReader class instance tries to download ASN.1 MIB files by name and return their contents to caller.

Create an instance of HttpReader bound to specific URL.


The http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables are respected by the underlying urllib stdlib module.

  • host (str) – domain name or IP address of web server
  • port (int) – TCP port web server is listening
  • locationTemplate (str) – location part of the URL optionally containing @mib@ magic placeholder to be replaced with MIB name. If @mib@ magic is not present, MIB name is appended to locationTemplate
Keyword Arguments:
  • timeout (int) – response timeout
  • ssl (bool) – access HTTPS web site