SMI language dialectsΒΆ

PySMI offers a pre-built collection of parser grammar relaxation options to simplify its use:

  • pysmi.parser.dialect.smiV2 - canonical SMIv2 grammar
  • pysmi.parser.dialect.smiV1 - canonical SMIv1 grammar
  • pysmi.parser.dialect.smiV1Relaxed - relaxed SMIv1 grammar allowing some deviations

The grammar object should be passed to the parserFactory function.

from pysmi.parser.dialect import smiV1
from pysmi.parser.smi import parserFactory

SmiV1Parser = parserFactory(**smiV1)

Apparently, many production MIBs were shipped in syntactically broken condition. PySMI attempts to work around such issues by allowing some extra SMI grammar relaxations. You can enable all those relaxations at once to maximize the number of MIBs, found in the wild, successfully compiled.

from pysmi.parser.dialect import smiV1Relaxed
from pysmi.parser.smi import parserFactory

RelaxedSmiV1Parser = parserFactory(**smiV1Relaxed)