Compile SMIv2 MIBs

Invoke user callback function to provide MIB text, compile given text string into pysnmp MIB form and pass results to another user callback function for storing.

Here we expect to deal only with SMIv2-valid MIBs.

We use noDeps flag to prevent MIB compiler from attemping to compile IMPORT’ed MIBs as well.

import sys
from pysmi.reader import CallbackReader
from pysmi.searcher import StubSearcher
from pysmi.writer import CallbackWriter
from pysmi.parser import SmiV2Parser
from pysmi.codegen import PySnmpCodeGen
from pysmi.compiler import MibCompiler

inputMibs = ['IF-MIB', 'IP-MIB']
srcDir = '/usr/share/snmp/mibs/'  # we will read MIBs from here

# Initialize compiler infrastructure

mibCompiler = MibCompiler(
    # out own callback function stores results in its own way
    CallbackWriter(lambda m, d, c: sys.stdout.write(d))

# our own callback function serves as a MIB source here
  CallbackReader(lambda m, c: open(srcDir+m+'.txt').read())

# never recompile MIBs with MACROs

# run non-recursive MIB compilation
results = mibCompiler.compile(*inputMibs, **dict(noDeps=True))

print('Results: %s' % ', '.join(['%s:%s' % (x, results[x]) for x in results]))

Download script.