Revision 0.2.2, XX-11-2017

  • Library documentation refactored and updated

Revision 0.2.1, 11-11-2017

  • Added MIB status, product release and revision description set calls at pysnmp code generator
  • Changed REVISION field format in JSON representation - it is now a list of dicts each with revision timestamp and description text
  • MIB REFERENCE fields are only exported if –with-mib-text is on
  • Sphinx documentation theme changed to Alabaster
  • Multiple fixes to pysnmp codegen not to produce function calls with more than 255 parameters

Revision 0.1.4, 14-10-2017

  • Fix to SMI lexer to treat tokens starting from a digit as belonging to a lower-cased class. This fixes sub-OID parsing bug (specifically, 802dot3(10006))
  • Fix to the local MIB path automatic injection in front of existing –mib-sources

Revision 0.1.3, 19-05-2017

  • INET-ADDRESS-MIB configured as pre-built at pysnmp codegen
  • JSON codegen produces “nodetype” element for OBJECT-TYPE
  • Fix to –destination-directory option
  • Fix to pysnmp and JSON code generators to properly refer to MIB module defining particular MIB object

Revision 0.1.2, 12-04-2017

  • The @mib@ magic in reader’s URL template made optional. If it is not present, MIB module name is just appended to URL template
  • Send User-Agent containing pysmi and Python versions as well as platform name.
  • Fixed missing STATUS/DISPLAY-HINT/REFERENCE/etc fields generation at pysnmp backend when running in the non-full-text mode
  • Fixed broken ordereddict dependency on Python 2.6-

Revision 0.1.1, 30-03-2017

  • Generate REFERENCE and STATUS fields at various SMI objects
  • Generate DESCRIPTION field followed REVISION field at MODULE-IDENTITY objects
  • Generate PRODUCT-RELEASE field at AGENT-CAPABILITIES objects
  • Generated Python source aligned with PEP8
  • MIB texts cleaned up by default, –keep-texts-layout preserves original formatting
  • Fix to the ordereddict conditional dependency
  • Missing test module recovered
  • Failing tests fixed

Revision 0.1.0, 25-03-2017

  • JSON code generating backend implemented
  • Experimental JSON OID->MIB indices generation implemented
  • Package structure flattened for easier use
  • Minor refactoring to the test suite
  • Source code statically analyzed, hardened and PEP8-ized
  • Files closed explicitly to mute ResourceWarnings
  • Fixed to Python 2.4 (and aged ply) compatibility
  • Added a workaround to avoid generating pysnmp TextualConvention classes inheriting from TextualConvention (when MIB defines a TEXTUAL-CONVENTION based on another TEXTUAL-CONVENTION as SYNTAX)
  • Author’s e-mail changed, copyright extended to year 2017

Revision 0.0.7, 12-02-2016

  • Crash on existing .py file handling fixed.
  • Fix to __doc__ use in to make -O0 installation mode working.
  • Fix to PyPackageSearcher not to fail on broken Python packages.
  • Source code pep8’ed
  • Copyright added to source files.

Revision 0.0.6, 01-10-2015

  • Several typos fixed, source code linted again.
  • Some dead code cleaned up.

Revision 0.0.5, 28-09-2015

  • Wheel distribution format now supported.
  • Handle the case of MIB symbols conflict with Python reserved words.
  • Handle binary DEFVAL initializer for INTEGER’s.
  • Generate LAST-UPDATED at pysnmp code generator.

Revision 0.0.4, 01-07-2015

  • Fix to MRO compliance for mixin classes generation at pysnmp backend
  • Fix to repeated imports in generated code at pysnmp backend
  • Fix to mibdump tool to properly handle the –generate-mib-texts option.
  • Fix to Python compile() - optimize flag is valid only past Python 3.1
  • Fix to SMIv1 INDEX clause code generation for pysnmp backend.
  • Tighten file creation security at pysmi.writer.pyfile

Revision 0.0.3, 28-06-2015

  • Two-pass compiler design allows for much accurate code generation.
  • Sphinx-based documentation first introduced

Revision 0.0.0, 11-04-2015

  • First public release, not fully operational yet