Tag->type map

class pyasn1.type.tagmap.TagMap(presentTypes=None, skipTypes=None, defaultType=None)

Map TagSet objects to ASN.1 types

Create an object mapping TagSet object to ASN.1 type.

TagMap objects are immutable and duck-type read-only Python dict objects holding TagSet objects as keys and ASN.1 type objects as values.

  • presentTypes (dict) – Map of TagSet to ASN.1 objects considered as being unconditionally present in the TagMap.
  • skipTypes (dict) – A collection of TagSet objects considered as absent in the TagMap even when defaultType is present.
  • defaultType (ASN.1 type object) – An ASN.1 type object callee TagMap returns for any TagSet key not present in presentTypes (unless given key is present in skipTypes).


The TagMap objects are used by the TagSet, objects for looking up components of constructed ASN.1 types by Tag.


Return TagSet to ASN.1 type map present in callee TagMap


Return TagSet collection unconditionally absent in callee TagMap


Return default ASN.1 type being returned for any missing TagSet